June 16, 2022 - Hour: 10/17 CET

Susegana TV ITALY - Via Casoni 13, Susegana TV Italy - CREA Experimental and Conference Centre


Transfarm 4.0 is delighted to invite you to the Project final event in Conegliano, Italy!


The personal information you provide through this form will be used for the only purposes of this event. You can revoke your consent any time by either contacting the responsible partner representative or the project coordinator. By filling in and sending a copy of this form, you give the consent to use data which have been collected with your cooperation for the only purposes of the event. When in doubt about individual items of this form, you can get in touch with the relevant contacts you find below. | Luca Masiero (CREA) | Giuseppe Saija (FederUnacoma)

Registration deadline: June 15, 2 022

The event is over.

It is no longer possible to register.